Supreme Court of the United States

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Noun1.Supreme Court of the United States - the highest federal court in the United StatesSupreme Court of the United States - the highest federal court in the United States; has final appellate jurisdiction and has jurisdiction over all other courts in the nation
federal court - a court establish by the authority of a federal government
judicial branch - the branch of the United States government responsible for the administration of justice
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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For example, when Owens asked the candidates to name which U.
By now, most readers of the School Social Work Journal know that U.
The fate of several high-profile health care cases remains uncertain after the death of U.
topic will be "Civic Education in Oregon: Youth Voices"; speakers will be a panel of students from Willamette, Thurston, Sheldon and South Eugene high schools and youth representatives from LULAC and Teen Court; Q&A session to follow; meeting will begin with brief video message on civic education by former U.
Whispers, you'll recall, reported last Monday that she had enjoyed a "courtesy" meeting with U.
Lillie's legal experience is apparent as he discusses the fictional hearings in detail, offering a behindthe-scenes look at what goes into appointing someone to the position of U.
of Washington) chronicles her little-known story as well as that of U.
LOS ANGELES: Hollywood may have some reason to be nervous about President Obama s nomination of Elena Kagan to be the next U.
Currently, no formal policy or law exists to govern the preservation or release of the records of U.
Thomson West (Eagan, MN) has released "Scalia and Garner's Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges," a new book co-written by U.
The decision, made by a three-judge panel that included retired U.
AMOUNT BY WHICH THE SALARY of TVs Judge Judy (former New York State Family Court Judge Judith Sheindlin) exceeds the combined salaries of all nine U.