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Noun1.unit investment trust - a regulated investment company consisting of professional managers who issue redeemable securities representing a portfolio of many different securities; "you can invest in a unit investment trust for as little as $1000"
investment company, investment firm, investment trust, fund - a financial institution that sells shares to individuals and invests in securities issued by other companies
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To another query, he said IEEE's Karachi chapter is the most vibrant in the entire region, whereas the UIT Student Branch is the most active of all led by Engr Parkash Lohana and Engr Atif Fareed (as Faculty Head).
A registered representative who repeatedly recommends that a customer sell his or her UIT position before the maturity date and then "rolls over" those funds into a new UIT causes the customer to incur increased sale charges over time, raising suitability concerns.
Firms must adequately supervise representatives' sales of UITs -- including providing sufficient training -- and have in place a system to detect potentially unsuitable short-term UIT rollovers.
In addition to collecting, investing, and paying unemployment insurance, the DOL is also responsible for UIT audits to validate that each employer or taxpayer is properly reporting and paying the UIT.
Zahir Ali Syed, Director UIT, while delivering the end note speech, announced the names of the winners, and also appreciated the dedication and hard work of the participants and the organisers.
Professor Mohamed Loutfi, Cardiff Metropolitan University's pro vice-chancellor (international), has been appointed as one of nine standing members of the UIT academic committee for two years, and is the only member from Europe.
The Final Year's Projects Exhibition showcased numerous innovative technology based projects that had been conceived and materialized by graduating students of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments of UIT.
The UIT is affiliated with premier engineering institution NED University of Engineering and Technology.
UIT is proud to have achieved this W rating for its BS Computer Science Program.
Commenting about the most happening day, Dr Zahir Ali Syed, Director UIT said that UIT has quickly established its mark in higher education in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.
The Uncommon Values UIT is a growth-oriented portfolio that seeks above-average capital appreciation, and the Uncommon Values Growth and Income UIT is an income-oriented portfolio that is weighted more heavily toward dividend payers.
La membresia en la UIT es muy interesante: cuenta con 193 Estados que pertenecen a ella, pero tambien esta representado el sector privado con unas 700 empresas responsables de servicios tan diversos como las telecomunicaciones, la tecnologia, la investigacion y el desarrollo, la manufactura de equipo, etcetera.