United Mine Workers of America

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Noun1.United Mine Workers of America - an industrial union of mine workers in North AmericaUnited Mine Workers of America - an industrial union of mine workers in North America
industrial union, vertical union - a labor union that admits all workers in a given industry irrespective of their craft
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The UMWA intends to appeal Surratt-States' ruling in federal court.
organizer for the United Mine Workers' of America, met with coal miners in Lethbridge and 363 miners joined the union, establishing UMWA Local 547.
Despite instances of violence during the strike, ultimately the UMWA and Pittston settled their dispute with a contract, essentially returning to a legal means to end the conflict.
Perhaps Lewis' greatest legacy was the creation of the UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund in a contract with the federal government, signed in the White House with President Truman in attendance.
The UMWA index was applied to the 1981 base year to compute the "but for" price.
Examining the UMWA cost-sharing experience from this perspective is relevant to current policy problems.
We are very pleased that we were able to cooperatively enter into this long-term agreement with the UMWA in such a short time after taking ownership of the mine.
Under the terms of the proposed settlement, Peabody would provide $310 million, payable over four years through 2017, to fund the VEBA and settle all Patriot and UMWA claims involving the Patriot bankruptcy.
Coal River was once the heart of UMWA country, but today's mines are mostly nonunion.
Rank and file miners also challenged the leadership of the UMWA and demonstrated the limits of international efforts to channel decision-making from the top down.