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com/world/2018/jan/25/aung-san-suu-kyi-lacks-moral-leadership-us-diplomat-bill-richardson-quits-rohingya-panel) assessment of former US cabinet member and top diplomat, Bill Richardson, who recently resigned from the board.
In fact, this is the very assessment of former US cabinet member and top diplomat Bill Richardson, who recently resigned from the board.
The unannounced high-level visit to Afghanistan is the first from any US cabinet member since the announcement of America's new strategy for Afghanistan that involves maintaining presence of US troops in the war-torn country.
The premier, during his visit, held dialogues on a number of issues of bilateral interests with US President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and other US cabinet members.
Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive, James Hogan, wrote a letter last week to the US' top diplomat, John Kerry, the Secretary of State, and other US cabinet officials requesting him to end the allegations against his airline by the US airlines.
The American Atlantic magazine, reported that an American official in the US cabinet, described Netanyahu by a "coward", adding that he cares about nothing but his political position, and will never contribute to any agreement with neither Palestinians nor Arabs.
Members of the Committee, who are being selected by invitation only, are leaders at the top of the business, academic and non-profit sectors; they are influencers from every region of the world, including industry CEOs, international policymakers, and former US Cabinet officials and lawmakers, they champion efforts to spur economic growth, alleviate poverty, and advance worldwide financial stability.
In a sign of Washington's unease over the path being taken by Egyptian leaders, no top US cabinet members attended Sisi's inauguration earlier this month.
In a sign of Washington's unease, no senior US cabinet members will be attending the inauguration, with State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon asked to lead the delegation.
While Members of the US Congress, of the US Cabinet, and of the diplomatic corps in Washington are typically invited to participate in the National Prayer Breakfast, the other more than 3 500 guests come from a variety of walks of life - Heads of State, Members of the European Parliament, United Nations diplomats, European, Asian, African and Latin American politicians, missionaries working in various countries, US and foreign business leaders, and students.
Forghani wrote: "In just 21 hours [after the attack on Syria], a family member of every US cabinet minister, US ambassadors, US military commanders around the world will be abducted.
US trade chief to join private sector (Financial Times): "Ron Kirk, who was Barack Obama's main international trade negotiator for four years, will announce on Monday that he is joining Gibson Dunn, a prominent US law firm, to advise its global clients, making a quick move to the private sector after stepping down from the US cabinet just a few weeks ago.