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n.1.(Zool.) Any species of large West Indian rodents of the genus Capromys, or Utia. In general appearance and habits they resemble rats, but they are as large as rabbits.
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For example, the UTIA study does not consider the additional economic impacts created by non-aquatic based recreation (camping, hunting and hiking).
The main objectives of this prospective clinical study were: (a) to define reference values of UTIA in healthy elderly subjects without any inflammatory diseases; (b) to study the influence of renal function and proteinuria on UTIA; (c) to assess the diagnostic value of this variable for bacterial diseases in elderly, patients compared with other inflammatory proteins.
An unpublished previous study showed a positive correlation between UTIA, determined on 24-hour-old collected urine samples and the activity on freshly, collected urine samples (n = 25, r = 0.
Receiver operating characteristic curves (ROC), known to provide the desired accuracy index, were obtained for CRP and UTIA in group I compared to group VIII.
The mean UTIA did not differ with sex (men: n = 5, m = 71 [+ or -] 19 IU/g creat; women: n = 14, m = 60 [+ or -] 46 IU/g creat).
The mean UTIA was 138 [+ or -] 35 IU/g creat without significant differences with sex (men: 150 [+ or -] 47 IU/g creat, women: 125 [+ or -] 25 IU/g creat).
The study of these patients included 77 men and 123 women (respective UTIA: 120 [+ or -] 30 IU/g creat; 105 [+ or -] 20 IU/g creat; global UTIA = 115 [+ or -] 20 IU/g creat).
The comparative study of UTIA in the different groups illustrated a significant UTIA increase in bacterial infectious diseases (group I) compared with all other groups except group VII (treated bacterial infections, p = 0.
Table I summarizes comparative values of CRP, UTIA, and microalbuminuria in the different groups.