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n.1.A Utopian.
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This language combines the basic features of Smalltalk (objects and classes), UTOPIST (propositional logic programming) and Prolog (Horn clause logic programming).
Turning to Bellamy, it is interesting to note that he is one of the four utopists that Rossi cites as a main sources of inspiration in II Parana nel XX Secolo--Claude-Henry de Saint Simon, Robert Owen, Charles Fourier are the other three.
Utopian fiction is a mental strategy for avoiding or coping with the anxiety of a world which overwhelms the emotional and cognitive capacities of utopists and their readers.
The Diggers are beyond all that and prohibit the use of all forms of indoctrination, but they are supposedly not beyond using technology to solve the thorny issues that all utopists have had to address.
She demonstrates succinctly her preference for the primacy of the socialist efforts with the last sentence of the first chapter: "If hitherto utopists have largely sought to understand the world, the point, for Marxists, is to change it" (40).
Anarchists, Nudists, Feminists, vegetarian Biogeneticists, cosmic Mystics, Theosophists, Freemasons, Marxists, and psychoanalytic Utopists all met in Ascona, southern Switzerland on Monte Verita, the "Mountain of Truth".
In particular, the female utopists emphasized that political change and individual fulfilment could be brought about in the sphere of personal relationships.
The faculty of discrimination must somehow be saved from public relations experts and the teams of problem-solvers and utopists who infest the cultural scene at every level and who determine philosophy and policy.