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or U·bun·tu (o͝o-bo͞on′to͞o)
A philosophical doctrine or approach to life that emphasizes social unity and generosity of spirit.

[Zulu : ubu-, abstract n. pref. + -ntu, person, human.]


South African humanity or fellow feeling; kindness
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6WIND Virtual Accelerator(TM) has been validated on Canonical's Ubuntu platform and both companies are working together to integrate 6WIND Virtual Accelerator with Canonical's Juju.
Canonical has announced it had found a security vulnerability on Ubuntu Phone.
The cloud will be built on Ubuntu OpenStack, the world's most popular OpenStack distribution, and industry-leading tools that allow quick and easy provisioning, orchestration, and management of cloud resources.
Linux support has been requested since we first introduced our USB 3 devices, so we're delighted to add Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution, to DisplayLink's comprehensive OS coverage, said John Cummins, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing.
Ubuntu, Migration, and Ministry: Being Human in a Johannesburg Church.
Allow me to extend an indigenous African Ubuntu greeting, "Sanibona," meaning "We see you" but also implying that at a deep spiritual level, I am never alone as my ancestors are always with me.
The Arkeia Network Backup, Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu, package is available now for download from Ubuntu's repository and can be accessed by using the Synaptic Package Manager or by typing the 'apt-get install arkeia' command.
Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, and SpikeSource, a provider of open source solutions, have announced that SpikeSource will certify its business-ready open source applications for Ubuntu, and deliver support for Ubuntu through its growing channel of solution providers.
The excellent O'Reilly manual for Ubuntu Linux is $29.
clouds, has become an Ubuntu Cloud partner and a part of the Canonical OpenStack Interoperability Lab program.
The latest Ubuntu OS for mobile phones is now possible to be installed on your LG Nexus 4 handset and it features the showcased interface at the MWC 2013 event in Barcelona, Spain.