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or u·ke·le·le  (yo͞o′kə-lā′lē, o͞o′kə-)
A small four-stringed guitar popularized in Hawaii.

[Hawaiian 'ukulele, probably from 'uku lele, jumping flea (perhaps in reference to the movement of the fingers when playing the instrument) : 'uku, louse, flea (from Proto-Polynesian kutu, louse) + lele, to fly, jump (from Proto-Polynesian lele).]


(ˌjuːkəˈleɪlɪ) or


(Instruments) a small four-stringed guitar, esp of Hawaii
[C19: from Hawaiian, literally: jumping flea, from `uku flea + lele jumping]


or u•ke•le•le

(ˌyu kəˈleɪ li, ˌu-)

n., pl. -les.
a small, guitarlike musical instrument associated chiefly with Hawaiian music.
[1895–1900 < Hawaiian ‘ukulele leaping flea]
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Noun1.ukulele - a small guitar having four stringsukulele - a small guitar having four strings  
guitar - a stringed instrument usually having six strings; played by strumming or plucking
Aloha State, Hawaii, Hawai'i, HI - a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands


[ˌjuːkəˈleɪlɪ] Nukelele m


ukelele [ˌjuːkəˈleɪli] nukulélé m


, ukelele
nUkulele f
References in classic literature ?
The hulk of an ancient wreck burned with blue fires, in the light of which danced the HULA dancers to the barbaric love-calls of the singers, who chanted to tinkling UKULELES and rumbling tom-toms.
A UKULELE signed by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla is to be sold at auction to raise money for a charity set up after the Clutha bar tragedy.
Peppy, comedic, and perfectly accented by the interplay between baritone ukulele and bass ukulele (with highlights from vibraphone, marimba, vibraslap, shakers, finger cymbals, wood block, kazoo, and more), Walking Around with Giants is a delight for families to share, especially during car trips or rainy day fun time.
As part of the Pimp My Uke project each artist will receive a blank ukulele from Community Music Wales which they will paint in their own unique style.
CONTINUING the musical theme, on September 21, Surrey auctioneers Ewbank's will sell 28 ukuleles, each decorated by luminary contemporary artists in a special charity auction Art On A Ukulele to raise money for the Hepatitis C Trust.
So entertaining was he that he is thought to have been the inspiration for the Hawaiian name for the stringed instrument we now know as the ukulele.
Ukulele workshops (pictured) - free classes for all ability levels run by Ukulele Rocks 2.
The banjolele - it's officially a banjo ukulele - used to belong to well-known Birmingham bookie Terry Wallins, who snapped it up in 1972.
Young ukulele players strummed, sang and jammed Saturday at an annual gathering in downtown Eugene centered on the stringed instrument.
To keep active and have fun, pensioners in Conwy have been taking part in ukulele classes.
In the Ukulele Club, we get to use our musical talents and have our own ukulele.
UKULELE players are set to descend on Warwick Racecourse for the fourth annual Great Midland Ukefest on Saturday, July 9.