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n.1.(Bot.) A Mexican and Central American tree (Castilloa elastica and Castilloa Markhamiana) related to the breadfruit tree. Its milky juice contains caoutchouc. Called also ule tree.
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The certification program for the 60-member ULE Alliance will ensure OEM IoT solutions conform to a consistent set of standards, which results in interoperability across devices from different manufacturers.
The ULE Alliance supports OEMs developing IoT solutions utilizing ULE's technological superiority in communication range, interference free operation, and voice and video capability, resulting in simple home area network architecture and devices which are easy to install and use.
By using the DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy) standard, Dialog is able to provide interference-free wireless connectivity with the widest reach throughout consumers' homes and low deployment costs.
VTech, a leading manufacturer of DECT cordless phones and a promoting member of the ULE Alliance, is committed to delivering ULE-enabled connected home products that are easy to install, are highly efficient and encrypted for added security.
A cordless telephone system: Homeowners who want an in-home alert system can program this phone to notify them if any of their ULE sensors are triggered.
The DECT Forum, the ULE Alliance and member companies will provide a comprehensive industry update of the latest developments in DECT/CAT-iq,
At the beginning of 2012, Sprint announced that all devices it sells must go through ULE 110 assessment.
14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lantiq, a leading supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies, has now advanced its strategy to make the broadband gateway the central node for smart home networks by integrating support for the ULE Alliance's HAN FUN protocol into its software powering the xRX 200/300 Gateway System-on-Chip families.
To further simplify the design process for new wireless sensor network systems Dialog has also announced development kits for the complete family of SmartPulse DECT ULE sensors (SC14WSMDATA, SC14WSMDECT) and base station (SC14CVMDECT) devices.
has announced that Panasonic has chosen the company's advanced ULE (Ultra Low Energy) SoC solution for its new KX-HN600 series for smart home monitoring and control.
Additional wireless HAN technologies, including DECT ULE and Z-Wave, are supported by the platform.