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(ˈʌl trəˌsweɪd)
Trademark. a brand of washable, synthetic, suedelike fabric.
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Noun1.Ultrasuede - a synthetic suede cloth
suede cloth, suede - a fabric made to resemble suede leather
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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The Coach Barbie doll wears a classic Tattersall trench over a striped sweater, and ultrasuede skirt.
Pet Comfort Beds are made with high quality Ultrasuede and brushed cotton fabrics which are easy care machine washable and dryable.
Varying by model, seat cover textures range from premium fabric up to genuine leather trim and Ultrasuede with durable, high contrast French-stitching and satin chrome trim give the new Camry cabin a sophisticated appearance and luxurious feel.
Charcoal Ultrasuede with Prestige 50 Diamonds stitching
Meanwhile, nightlife-loving disco fiends wore synthetic materials like polyester and Ultrasuede to shimmy and shake on the dance floor.
The covers for the back of the phone are available in 18 combinations of colours and materials like Ultrasuede, carbon fibre and polycarbonate.
Toray also incorporated cutting-edge materials and technologies for the interior, including Ultrasuede, an artificial fabric made using recycled polyester fibers, various biomass fibers, and foam, as well as alternative painting technologies such as Picasus, a metallic-luster film and film decorating techniques.
According to auction house, Presley's red ultrasuede shirt sold out at a whopping 34,000 dollars, and a monogrammed cream-colored shirt was auctioned at 62,000 dollars, reports the Telegraph.
The architects worked with Italian furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau to design the seating both in the auditorium and in the public waiting areas, resulting in elegant, thin profiled seats upholstered in Ultrasuede.
From the soft-soled adorably designed Isabooties ($26) made with synthetic Ultrasuede, to flexible pleather uppers for first-time walkers ($32) to slip-on hemp shoes in a rainbow of earth tones with recycled tire soles ($20), the shoes seem ideal for toddlers just learning to balance who need a good deal of flexibility and "feelability" in their shoes.
com has, including the popular baby shoes called Isabooties, which are made with soft, synthetic Ultrasuede.
Granite pillow of reclaimed Ultrasuede filled with down and feathers by Galya Rosenfeld ($188) and Millennium towels of sustainably harvested beechwood cellulose by Bonjour ($132 for a four-piece set) from Branch (see above).