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Not branded or carrying a brand name: unbranded cattle; unbranded merchandise.


1. (Clothing & Fashion) not having a brand name
2. (Marketing) not having a brand name
3. (Agriculture) (of an animal) not having been branded (with a branding iron)


(ʌnˈbræn dɪd)

1. not branded or marked to show ownership.
2. carrying no commercial brand or trademark.
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Adj.1.unbranded - not marked with a brandunbranded - not marked with a brand; "unbranded cattle"
branded - marked with a brand; "branded cattle"; "branded criminal"
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GENERIC: THE UNBRANDING OF MODERN MEDICINE comes from a physician and historian who offers a history of not just the development of generic drugs, but how they differ from the original.
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This Part is a significantly expanded adaptation of portions of Sheff, Unbranding, supra note 3.
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Sheff, Unbranding, supra note 3, at 1001-02 (making a similar argument with respect to a stealth marketing tactic I call "sabotage unbranding").
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Andrew Blakeley: I actually think the unbranding of cigarettes will make them cooler and more desirable, if anything.
That's why unbranding our offices, making them more bespoke and offering more flexible terms will give companies the competitive edge they need to prosper in 2012.
Unbranding is the practice of eliminating or selectively reducing
As a result, unbranding can mislead consumers to do business
But not all instances of unbranding put consumers at
It includes America's unbranding itself abroad to lower its profile and mitigate terrorist threats on foreign soil, and addresses changes in business and CEOs' personal agendas.