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also kash·ruth  (käsh′rəth, -rəs, käsh-ro͞ot′)
1. The state of being kosher.
2. The body of Jewish dietary law.

[Mishnaic Hebrew kašrût, from kāšēr, fitting; see kosher.]
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They met a troop of long-haired, strong-scented Sansis with baskets of lizards and other unclean food on their backs, their lean dogs sniffing at their heels.
We will continue to shut down any restaurant that provides unclean food, improper store supplies or operates without a license.
She found sources for it in the Sikh and Islamic traditions as well as a biblical example, the Maccabean mother who witnesses the death by torture of her seven sons, urging each one in turn to accept martyrdom rather than taste the ritually unclean food being forced on them by their Hellenistic persecutors (2 Maccabees 7).
Hosea talks about a punishment involving dietary considerations: Ephraim shall return to Egypt, and they shall eat unclean food in Assyria (9:3).
This occurs when food comes into contact with micro-organisms left behind on unclean food preparation equipment.
Basically, the Adventists follow the instructions in Leviticus concerning clean and unclean food.
people to food - when microorganisms are transferred from hands to the food being prepared; - food to food - when raw foods are prepared on the same surface or come into contact with each other; and - equipment to food - when food comes into contact with microorganisms left behind on unclean food preparation equipment.
Peter understands the church's squeamishness about eating unclean foods and staying in a nonkosher home; Peter had gulped a little himself.
Church members also do not eat pork or shellfish, identified in the Bible as unclean foods.
In Genesis, God tells Adam and Eve and Noah and his kin what they can and cannot eat, and in Exodus and Leviticus we find directions for preparing the Passover meal and a long list of rules about clean and unclean foods.