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n.1.One who undermines.
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Don't miss them saving the world from the villainous Underminer.
Don't miss them save the world from the villainous Underminer.
Assange, who is praised in some circles for exposing government secrets and castigated by others as an underminer of some nations' security, offered Damore a job.
His roles include Hamm the piggy bank in the Toy Story movies, the Fish School in Finding Nemo, Underminer in The Incredibles, Mustafa in Ratatouille, Construction Foreman Tom in Up and PT Flea in A Bug's Life.
The Congress has been its own chief underminer, on many fronts.
The New York Times reports today, in part quoting anonymous American intelligence officials, that Stuxnet, the mysterious computer worm reportedly disrupting Iran's nuclear program, is the result of a multiyear Israeli-American collaboration that involved creating a replica of Iranian centrifuges at the secret Israeli nuclear facility in Dimona and testing the worm (which, remember, contains references to Esther, the historic Jewish underminer of Persian power).
They have in common the idea of Jew as underminer or betrayer.