a.1.Taxed too little, or at a lower rate than others.
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The business-backed Texas Taxpayers & Research Association disputed the lawsuit's assertion that business properties are undertaxed in an email to supporters.
The second false assumption is that commercial property is undertaxed.
She said: "Labour has backed the recent changes on Stamp Duty, with George Osborne accepting the principle of our argument that very high value properties are undertaxed.
England should copy it forthwith, he wrote, and add a J and K band as well to cover the hopelessly undertaxed mansions of Mayfair etc.
As a result, on sale of the property the application of the ceiling rule results in A being undertaxed and B being overtaxed, relative to book.
And when a home is undertaxed, the price it can fetch on the real estate market is pushed even higher.
The rapid increase in the use of underpriced and undertaxed toxic diesel in cars without corrective action on the quality of diesel and restraints on its overall use virtually amounts to state- sponsored homicide," the group said on Thursday.
Similarly, if Buffett is experiencing such pangs of guilt over being undertaxed, the IRS is more than willing to accept any extra contributions he might wish to make.
He argues that Albert Pujols is worth every penny of his new deal and that, in addition, he is not undertaxed one bit.
Thus, instead of being overtaxed relative to dual-earning couples with the same total money incomes, single-earning couples would now be undertaxed.
The speed and reach of the reforms have won accolades from abroad, trumping skepticism that Martinelli--a conservative multimillionaire supermarket magnate--would make Panama's undertaxed elite pay more.
Revenue officials found recently that they had undertaxed 420,000 pensioners by as much as pounds 300 each, which they have just agreed to write off.