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It's very difficult for people to start businesses because the banks are so unflexible - even if you have a brilliant idea.
Almarri added that having an unflexible deadline also helped the industry focus on completing projects in time for the Expo.
4% this year as the country declined in competitiveness due to unflexible labour market and high interest rates.
Axminster machines are already equipped with a Smart Creel, replacing the labour intensive and unflexible traditional bobbin creel.
Unflexible personal and rigorous expectations and fanatical evaluations from performance which is of the traits of self centrism perfectionism, cause that this dimension of perfectionism have has the most relation with depression.
Matthew is one of 22 people living with autism who will perform in "The Land of Ozpergers," a spinoff of the classic "Wizard of Oz" - this version complete with ruby red Birkenstocks, a Volkswagen bus, a scarecrow with sensory issues, a vegetarian lion and an unflexible tin man.
The cumulative effect is of a young female being cast in an unflexible role by her male paymasters.
Cut out this article and give it to them if you must; just don't get boxed into something where you have to get back at a fixed, unflexible time.
An unflexible reward scheme would be particularly detrimental in the context of innovation management, whose outputs are per definition ex ante undefined.
Benitez knows how to get the better of Chelsea's unflexible, unsubtle tactical formation, but he's also short of the players needed to execute the perfect plan.
If you are unemployed, you cannot register to be signed by a club until the window re-opens which has created a highly unflexible situation.
Still, in the literature on ethnic groups, and the discourse on ethnicity the concept of ethnic identity is often treated in a rather unflexible way.