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Noun1.Unio - type genus of the family UnionidaeUnio - type genus of the family Unionidae  
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
family Unionidae, Unionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwide
pearly-shelled mussel - the pearly lining of the dark shells is a source of mother-of-pearl
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I had the previous winter made a small quantity of lime by burning the shells of the Unio fluviatilis, which our river affords, for the sake of the experiment; so that I knew where my materials came from.
In the interim, some employers sought outright abolition, while, on major projects particularly, local unio n officials organized marches, stoppages and "go slows" to "Leave Us the Cuppa".
While visiting friends at Nuremberg in 1628, the Unio Christiana was established at the insistence of Johannes Saubert, who had been among the supporters of the previous society.
THE H strik pe pe p ns ye yest vote Th unio mem ove in i d No N The GMB and Ucatt unions said their members had overwhelmingly backed industrial action on November 30 in protest at the Government's controversial reforms.
Unio hubbardii Gabb 1869 (1) and Unio nanaimoensis Whiteaves 1901 (2) were both described from Cretaceous strata in the vicinity of coal mines on the islands of western British Columbia, Canada.
49 from Unio to Cross Keys and on to I-26 - South of Union and along Hwy.
Also intriguing are almost 100 necessaire kits (a flint blade, a unio shell, an awl and a smoothing stone) usually found in small pots in graves, interpreted as tools for sewing or for working other materials.
Conformity is the end state of the process of conformatio, as unity is of unio.
Comparative scholars of religion often expect Sufis to act like proper mystics and seek unio mystica.
Emily Dickinson, alone in her room, writing fierce poems to God: the unio mystica of Nobody and Nobodaddy.
apart from its concrete existence in God in the event of the unio, it has no existence of its own, it is anhypostatos.