Union City

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Un′ion Cit′y

1. a city in NE New Jersey. 58,012.
2. a city in W California. 53,762.
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th] grader at Union City High School in Union City, New Jersey prepared an Omelet de Union City hometown recipe since New Jersey is known for its diverse cultures; most specifically, Union City's grand Hispanic population.
So, I went to Union City and spent a day and really loved the preschools.
That was generally the case with the Union City school district, which ranked next to last in the state in 1989, Kirp notes, sparking the mordant response, "Thank God for Camden
Early on, Union City Body made auto bodies for Haynes, Apperson and Premier, then Duesenherg, Essex and the Auburn Speedster.
The Norwich Union City v City 1Ok run is our way of opening up athletics to as many people as possible irrespective of ability.
Santiago's characters are distinctly drawn and larger-than-life, their colors bright against the winter backdrop of Union City.
Contact: Alex Starr, co-president, LWV of Fremont, Newark, and Union City, CA; apstarr@ix.
Their 23 years of experience, knowledge and dedication is the foundation that helps Union City maintain its long standing reputation for superior service.
The Union City plant produces packaged and bulk ice cream and frozen desserts.
Similarly, at Union City west-dipping reflectors beneath the scarp face appear truncated on the west near the base of the scarp, and auger data suggest a fault.
Re-Act was contacted in June 1990 by Union City Body Co.
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