Union joint

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(Mech.) A joint formed by means of a union.
A piece of pipe made in the form of the letter T.

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BARDO (TAP) - The Tunisian-European Union joint parliamentary commission, established since early February, should stimulate debate on Tunisia's access to the status of privileged partner of the EU, MEP Michael Gahler said on Monday.
Jordan and the European Union co-chair the union joint chairmanship.
According to the final statement of the meeting of the Committee held over two days in Brussels and included Defense Ministers of a number of Member States of the European Union represented by a regular military permanent representatives, along with partner countries "that the European military leaders discussed the strategy of the Union joint defense, naval operations, training and advisory missions and cooperation with North Atlantic (NATO ).
ANKARA (CyHAN)- President Abdullah GE-l received a delegation of the Turkey-European Union Joint Advisory Committee at the Ecankaya Presidential Palace.
In the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the 9th Meeting of the Republic of Macedonia-European Union Joint Parliamentary Committee, attended by MPs of the Delegation of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and MEPs of the Delegation of the European Parliament, took place on 3 and 4 November.
He told reporters at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, "Turkey-European Union Joint Parliamentary Commission convened in Brussels on October 9.
Unite union joint leader Tony Woodley has asked British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh to reinstate travel perks for cabin crew and the union will call off strikes which are set to begin at midnight.
Last month, four South African policemen working in the United Nations-African Union joint force were kidnapped.
According to an official from the United Nations-African Union joint force, UNAMID, the incident took place in South Darfur, a region that has seen a civil war rage since 2003.
Unite union joint leaders Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson sent a letter to members and MPs complaining BA management had become "increasingly macho", and accusing chief executive Willie Walsh of "union busting" tactics.
A Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and Welsh Rugby Union joint grant initiative has resulted in pounds 282,000 of funding now being awarded to 20 South Wales rugby clubs through a Welsh Rugby Union Facility Grants Scheme.
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