Union of South Africa

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Union of South Africa

(Placename) the former name (1910–61) of (the Republic of) South Africa

South` Af′rica

Republic of, a country in S Africa; member of the Commonwealth of Nations until 1961. 43,426,386; 472,000 sq. mi. (1,222,480 sq. km). Caps.: Pretoria and Cape Town. Formerly, Union of South Africa.
South` Af′rican, adj., n.
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As one of the countries outside of Europe that was drawn into the war, inadvertently embroiled in the unique situation that was transpiring in the Union of South Africa, Namibia's history warrants inclusion in the worldwide WWI centenary commemorations.
After the peace negotiations and the formation of the Union of South Africa, when "the Lion had lain down with the Springbok" (as Black [28] mischievously adapts from the Bible), business returns to normal.
3) With the 1910 formation of the Union of South Africa in the aftermath of the second Anglo-Boer War, this system of naval volunteers was extended to include the whole of the Union, through the formation in 1912 of the South African Division of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR[SA]), under the command of the Royal Navy.
1354) Botha: Named for Louis Botha (1862 Sep 27-1919 Aug 27), first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa.
Identity Politics in a Globalised Economy, Rebecca Davies analyzes one of the effects of this transition, namely the transformation of Afrikaner identity in this new South Africa where, for the first time since the establishment of the Union of South Africa in 1910, the Afrikaner minority became divorced from the halls of power.
Now to most people this might not mean anything, but to me and most of the railway fraternity "Number 9" meant only one thing, the Gresley Pacific A4 Union of South Africa number 60009.
Sol T Plaatje wrote these words en route to England in 1914, to support a delegation led by members of the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) against segregationist legislation passed by the government of the Union of South Africa.
The Union of South Africa was formed, uniting British colonies with Boer republics.
But her appointment has caused uproar among the members of the Creative Workers Union of South Africa, who insist a local actress should have been cast as the title character in a movie so important to the country's history.
In 1910, the country came together as the Union of South Africa.
In the Union of South Africa, scout leaders mobilized to block scout status for Africans.
The attention given to Irish Baptists was mainly restricted to reports on the Annual Assembly of the Baptist Union of Ireland in the SBM, although an article in 1910, with favorable comments, reported protests by Irish Baptists to their South African colleagues over a proposed ecumenical venture, in which the Baptist Union of South Africa was intending to participate.

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