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Noun1.Unionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwideUnionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwide  
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
genus Unio, Unio - type genus of the family Unionidae
Anodonta, genus Anodonta - thin-shelled freshwater mussels
Dreissena, genus Dreissena - zebra mussels
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It was in Alabama where I was first introduced to the biology of freshwater mussels in the family Unionidae (translates into pearl animals).
Comparative study on the accumulation of heavy metals by bivalves from the families Unionidae and Dreissenidae // Proceedings of the Orenburg State University, 6: 348-350.
A study of the Unionidae of Arkansas, with incidental reference to their distribution in the Mississippi Valley.
Remarks on the Unionidae of Nebraska Territory, etc.
While all hydracarina are parasitic as larvae, as are those of the freshwater mussel family Unionidae, some member of the water mite genus Unionicola arc coincidentally parasitic as adults in the mantle cavities of adult unionid mussels.
North American freshwater mussels in the family Unionidae represent a diverse and ecologically important group (Parmalee & Bogan 1998).
Large molluscs (Dreissena, Unionidae, and Viviparus) were fixed separately and were not included in the total figures of macrozoobenthos abundance and biomass due to their much bigger individual weight compared with all other animals.
The best know elements of the fauna are the freshwater mussels belonging to the family Unionidae (Class Bivalvia).
Mackie, Impact of the Zebra Mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, on Populations of Unionidae (Bivalvia) in Lake St.
Influence of aluminum and protons on the electrolyte homeostasis in the Unionidae Anodontaanatina and Uniopictorum.
The Unionidae of the Spoon River, Fulton County, Illinois.