United Brethren

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Unit′ed Breth′ren

a Protestant denomination, of Wesleyan beliefs and practices, founded in 1800.
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Jeff Bleijerveld, director of global ministries for the United Brethren in Christ church, said he last talked to Salia in February 2013, when they met to discuss planning for a hospital in the southern part of Sierra Leone.
Before being moved to Irvington Drive in 1983, it stood at 90341 Prairie Road and was called United Brethren Church.
He was a member of numerous groups including the Democratic Town Committee, the American Legion Post 234, the United Brethren Masonic Lodge of Marlborough, and the Major General Henry Knox Lodge of Boston, the Military Intelligence Association of New England, and the Worcester County Shriners Club.
Williams and his wives withdrew from the Apostolic United Brethren during the mid-2000s after re-evaluating their core beliefs.
Mabel Finlayson Allred was a wife of Rulon Allred, leader of the Apostolic United Brethren, one of the major groups of fundamentalist Mormons who, since about the 193 Os, have practiced plural marriage as separatists from the mainstream Latter-day Saints Church.
One of these factions is the Fundamalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), famously led by Warren Jeffs; another is Apostolic United Brethren Church, of which the Browns are members.
Bethea State Forest include: Oxford Hotel, Aramark - Pennsylvania Convention Center, Massanutten Resorts, Dominion Post, Sign Solutions, Tect Aerospace, Marriott Inner Harbor, Morgan State University, Embassy Suites Hunt Valley, Tropicana Casino Resort, Ionics EMS, Vertical Systems, Missouri Athletic Club, Manheim Public Library, Otterbein United Brethren and Scranton School District.
The survey, conducted by the social service division of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ (CUBC), polled 2,629 students, and found 10.
2) Of these converts, six hundred had belonged to a highly enthusiastic splinter group of the Primitive Methodists called the United Brethren; thus the United Brethren acted as the principal mechanism of Mormonism's success in the region.
The making of an American church; essays commemorating the jubilee year of the Evangelical United Brethren Church.
The Church of the United Brethren in Christ Support of the Community Education Work of Moy Ling Among the Chinese in Portland, Oregon, 1882-1931: Implications for a Missiological Understanding of Partnership.
Perfect flying weather had come earlier that week, but the brothers had promised their father, a bishop of the United Brethren Church, that they wouldn't try to fly on Sunday.

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