United Mine Workers

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Noun1.United Mine Workers - an industrial union of mine workers in North AmericaUnited Mine Workers - an industrial union of mine workers in North America
industrial union, vertical union - a labor union that admits all workers in a given industry irrespective of their craft
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Speakers include Steve Miller, President and CEO, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity; Abe Breehey, Director of Government Affairs at International Brotherhood of Boilermakers; James Hunter, Director of Utilities, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Bob Baugh, Executive Director, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council; Bill Banig, Director of Government Affairs, United Mine Workers of America; and Douglas Jeavons, Managing Director, BBC Research & Consulting.
It is now abundantly clear that the mine operator had reason to know it was likely that a mine 'bump' [coal out-burst] would occur in the area where it did occur on August 6, 2007," says United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts.
Her grandfathers were coal miners, and her mother worked for the United Mine Workers.
During his time in industry, he influenced national issues like urban renewal and public health and enjoyed the trust of such men as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and United Mine Workers head John L.
He discusses the decline in the black workforce over the period and why it happened with a strong United Mine Workers of America presence in the coalfields.
Twice the Senate had sent Stickler's nomination back to the White House, citing opposition by the United Mine Workers and a poor safety record at mining companies Stickler had run.
On the same day, he also pardoned Jesse Ray Harvey, a United Mine Workers union member convicted of blowing up mines in West Virginia.
Beginning with churches near the coalfields, more than 750 local and national religious leaders have put forth "A Call for Justice at Peabody Energy" that backs miners seeking to organize with the United Mine Workers of America.
National Union of Mineworkers chairman and former Northumberland secretary Ian Lavery has offered his sympathies over the Sago mine disaster in a private letter to the United Mine Workers of America.
Lewis, the legendary leader of the United Mine Workers, sweat so profusely his wife lost the use of her nose entirely.
She moves on to the US where immigrants and the poor, angered by inhuman conditions, misuse of children, and owner greed, organized the United Mine Workers and other labor unions.
Tully represented the pension fund advisor, ING Clarion, and the ownership, The United Mine Workers Pension Fund.

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