n.1.The state of being unnecessary; something unnecessary.
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Lamenting the unnecessity of the unjust divisions that separate persons from persons, in Man on Ground Ade says:
Hence, the perception of the inherent contradiction of modernity, that sense of unreality or unnecessity that reveals the fallacy and the instability of social structures, urges the creative mind to overcome individuality, as the construction of a coherent and close Self, and humanity itself, as the positioned notion of human being in its sociality.
Hume argues against the proofs of the unmoved mover stating the unnecessity of God in the causal linking of nature.
The unnecessity of such functional enrichment of the clause structure has been convincingly shown by Haider (1993), and Abraham (1995b) for German and Neeleman and Reinhart (1998) for Dutch, the forementioned authors arguing that case can be assigned by lexical government within VP.
There is wonderful unnecessity to this style; surely no horse would sell for a dollar less if he were simply to say, "I have a bid for five hundred thousand dollars.