a.1.Not originated; existing from all eternity.
2.Not yet caused to be, or to be made; as, possible inventions still unoriginated.
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As we consider ourselves delimited selves, we go bout our daily lives in the context of a creator, even if we call that Nature; as we achieve moral excellence, we become something able to immerse ourselves in the unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed, and the alone returns to the alone.
he intended an answer that expressed the identity of the Son in terms of his eternal relation to the unoriginated arche.
But the man is also not simply prior to woman for the even deeper reason that he is not unoriginated.
Therefore it will be much more accurate to denote God from the Son and to call Him Father, than to name Him and call Him Unoriginated from His works only.
God the Creator, with a pulseless hand Of unoriginated power, hath weighed The dust of earth and tears of man in one Measure, and by one weight: So saith His holy book.
For Origen, however, 'Father' and 'Creator' are part of the essence of God, which enables the essence to be replicated, whereas for Asterius the only essential feature is the unoriginated eternity.