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It was truly gripping, as wave after green wave poured forward, only to be faced by an unbreachable, unbreak-kable, unpenetrable red wall.
Only to the extent that they are mediated by journalism, disseminated through mainstream media channels, do the hundreds of thousands of diplomatic or military cables released by WikiLeaks in one go, written in official and often unpenetrable jargon as they are, come to have visibility, and thus political impact, in the globalised public sphere.
As individuals they were strong, as a unit they were largely unpenetrable.
Munani, Puno, 3900 m: Nest in an unpenetrable cypress; twice food-carrying ind.
The unpenetrable spot was penetrated, the world of multiplicities opened up, a new picture of transformative spirituality emerged.
Nav Canada is a faceless, unpenetrable agency answerable to no one.
Closure of a TKO demands construction of an unpenetrable cover that will prevent infiltration of superficial and precipitation water.
It just seems that in the FA Cup certain omens are unpenetrable.
Despite miss-spelling the Friends' star's name - it's Courteney - this has little to do with the actress - or I think it doesn't as the lyrics are quite unpenetrable.
Andy Townsend (inset) is a far more lucid football observer, who doesn't need to come up with the odd unpenetrable phrase like 'reducer' [basically, a foul on a skillful player] and 'little eyebrows' [a near-post flick-on header] to keep you interested.
Instead, consumers disappear behind the reassuring but unpenetrable wall of the Securicor/Safedoor brand.
Along with tariff barriers, India has designed and perpetuated almost unpenetrable non-tariff barriers to imports from other countries such as the import licensing system, canalisation, the actual user policy, phased manufacturing programmes that provide for progressive import substitution, industrial licensing, and government purchase preferences given to domestic producers.