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a.1.Not powerful; weak.
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As long as we ascribe a level of untouchable power to certain career positions, the unpowerful and vulnerable will remain voiceless.
The main difference between America and Lithuania, as far as Chip could see, was that in America the wealthy few subdued the unwealthy many by means of mind-numbing and soul-killing entertainments and gadgetry and pharmaceuticals, whereas in Lithuania the powerful few subdued the unpowerful many by threatening violence.
The king stepped down from his elevated throne towards the common people (the unpowerful, il-lustrous), just as God descends from heaven.
Though the term empowerment has no fixed definition, yet it is frequently used to describe a process where in the powerless or disempowered gain greater share of control over resources and decision making and since women are generally the most disempowered members of the oppressed classes, empowerment has been described as nurturing, liberating, energizing the un-affluent and the unpowerful (Barkat, Abul, Khuda, Barkat & Rhaman, 1994).
So, I guess it's up to people like you and me--the unpowerful and the unimportant, the grunts and the moms (that might not make a bad movie either .