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These intelligent parcel boxes - which can be installed in all manner of buildings and combined with mailboxes - allow residents to receive and send parcels from their own residence, eliminating the need for a "sorry we missed you card" and parcels being left in unsecure locations.
There is not any writ of the government, people of Balochistan have been left unsecure where terrorists are roaming freely and targeting innocent people of the province.
Developer Sean Mulryan expressed fears that school leavers are not going for trade apprenticeships because these are considered unsecure jobs.
52% access their work emails on unsecure personal devices.
After being contacted about the unsecure login combination, Equifax temporarily shut down the portal, presumably to update the username and password requirements to prevent unauthorized access to the employee tool.
The SNAP systems are used to support the Army's secure and unsecure internet protocols to provide voice, data, video teleconferencing, battle-command and control systems, e-mail and other necessary applications and are able to provide world-class communications support to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
can easily be accessed by cybercriminals through unsecure or fake WiFi networks or even apps with privacy vulnerabilities," Taufiq added.
A suspect entered an unsecure property in Scale Hill, made a tidy search and stole a purse from the kitchen at 5pm on August 10.
This specially designed software system comprises value-added features and functionalities most essential in todays unsecure scenario.
The practice of 'double swiping' is widely considered unsecure and hence being discouraged by a number of countries, as well as card companies like Visa," said the CBB.
This practice of "double swiping" is widely considered as unsecure and hence, being discouraged by a number of countries, as well as card companies like VISA, during the last couple of years.
The project aims to facilitate Pakistan's dairy farmers in collection of payments for their yield by digitizing the traditional manual transactions that are tedious and unsecure.