a.1.Wanting a distinct meaning; having no certain signification.
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Wise, "Brain reward circuitry: insights from unsensed incentives," Neuron, vol.
By placing both unsensed incorporeal substances and the unsensed material causes of sensation beyond the reach of 'practical, efficacious human knowledge', Locke was laying the basis for a new form of science along Epicurean-Gassendist lines, one that did not require reference to unknown theoretical entities.
It selects the next point that is most informative to all unsensed locations.
reference black level) to consider ambient lights Then, the Natural Neighbor Interpolation scheme [33] is applied to estimate light characteristics for unsensed locations.
Touch it them tiny shells one a sphere next to fillin in an in again Them markin stones whose ever mystic purpose are at requirin this makin lime changed for iron oxide magnet exact such metal lode some as say to calibratin our own linear emplacement that gianter engine an a body to surroundin that an ylemic history unfoldin without all unknown to we as are within Ceptin the tremors a complete unsensed worl our own to holdin as a child a womb that wait for summons
The key reason this approach was adopted was to deliberately encourage actors to consider the work domain beyond the range of their sensors, essentially emphasizing that there could be unsensed threats that are just as real as sensed threats, and thus avoiding the misconception that the work domain ends at the end range of the ship's sensors.
rules of these engagement), better support for rule- based decision making Model intentional Displays that convey principles, principles behind considering rules rules but may not and doctrine as explicitly display instantiations rules; better support of these for knowledge-based decision making Level of environmental Model as an entity Stronger understanding model integration within the system of environment interactions with the system Separate work domain More detailed model information requirements for the environment Sensors Model as components Better understanding of current sensors Displays that can help sensor management Model the sensed Better understanding "object" of sensor needs Displays that identify unsensed areas
Instead, he restored the possibility of a table, a world, a reality independent of subjective perception by arguing that we can logically infer knowledge of the unobserved table from observed experience of the table, not directly but (and this is crucial) by means of "the seeming paradox of unoccupied perspectives and unsensed sensibilia"--by imaginary or hypothetical, rather than actual, sense-impressions.
38) "[P]eace and innocence escaped us forever before we tasted their delights; unsensed by the stupid men of the first times, having escaped the enlightened men of later times, the happy life of the golden age was always a state foreign to the human race, either for its having failed to recognize it when it could enjoy it, or for its having lost it when it could have recognized it.
In The Body in Pain, the literary scholar Elaine Scarry writes, "Pain engulfs the one in pain, but remains unsensed by anyone else.
By this Berkeley meant that the sensed qualities of things are signs for other qualities as yet unsensed, and that in learning to read what Durand later called "the great book of nature" we come to learn which things are good for us and which we must avoid.
Within that dark wall of pine trees was a sanctuary of stillness, of mystery; for the present unfelt, unsensed by the man who confronted it.