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n.1.The quality or state of being unsettled.
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Including HOME in our constellation makes the rift between assumptions about displaced people in a (largely) fixed global order and the fluid conditions of precariousness and unsettledness more visible.
But however frustrating it may be--to researchers, activists, and the interested public alike--Bt cotton in India is a case filled with uncertainty, unsettledness, and ignorance of what would have been.
Its unsettledness lacks the sharp geometry which Bachelard criticizes in the dialectics of inside and outside as presented by some philosophers.
Happy with England's apparent batting dilemma ahead of the opening Ashes Test at the Gabba on November 21, Harris said that although Australia would need to work hard for the series, they can put pressure on England if they manage to research the opponents' mentality while batting and take advantage of their unsettledness over their line-up.
This study examines how the "unhomely moment" crawls into Nakamatsu's familiar, homely environment and awakens the feeling of unsettledness and disorientation which has long lurked in his subconscious and shows how the protagonist attempts to settle the feeling of unsettledness and disorientation, by eliminating the sense of halfway, incomplete belongingness, or in-betweeness.
International humanitarian law here clearly embodies, in its very unsettledness, an unresolved struggle between two visions of law's role in armed conflict, (108) The first (or statist) perspective views this law as "a compact between rival armies to coordinate how they can 'conciliate the necessities of war with the laws of humanity.
My sense of unsettledness came from my inability to engage in identity politics regarding my clients.
In this way, Hearts of Gold both recalls and departs from Frances Harper's Iola Leroy (1892), which anticipates Jones's novel in initially establishing a mixed-raced woman, Iola, as an iconic Southern woman, while not fully committing to the epistemological unsettledness that Jones draws from this (supposed) juxtaposition of gyneolatry and genealogy.
As Fumerton has argued, "[a]nxiety over the perceived rise in physical unsettledness manifested itself in a number of ways" in the period, including "dramatic increases in mandatory and spontaneous roundups of perceived vagrants," the "massive proliferation of beggar and rogue literature," and various proclamations and statutes against vagrancy that appeared throughout the period.
Over my 40+ year career in environmental health, I've never seen the unsettledness that I see today in our economy and in even the way our government works (or should I say, doesn't work