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n.1.The quality or state of being unsettled.
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It is women, and, in the first place - mothers, who know and experience the most pressing social problems, raise issues of family upbringing, children's unsettledness and social orphanhood.
In Looking Jewish: Visual Culture and Modern Diaspora, Carol Zemel gathers a rich if curiously eclectic archive of modern and contemporary artists, photographers, installation artists, and figures of popular culture whose ways of seeing, of picturing the world as Jews was shaped by their psychological and geographic situation of living in diaspora: an historic Jewish experience of displacement and unsettledness that, nevertheless, has often been a spur to creativity.
My life is a voyage of unsettledness, with a deep itch to keep moving and improving upon the last place I landed.
In her related unsettledness, Lucy has all along repressed that provocative and guilt-inducing urge while--as Roth himself remarks of Lucy more generally--"prone to disguise from herself her vengeful destructiveness" ("Writing and the Powers-that-Be" 87).
Language is a structure established within a fabric of evolving unsettledness.
A palpable unsettledness concerning the November 2016 election has permeated trucking, analysts and executives say.
Such liminality, or state of unsettledness in understanding and practice in which one is letting go of previous "knowledge" but is still in the process of achieving a transformed perspective, may be indicative of the complexities inherent in reciprocity and the many nuances and layers involved in understanding it.
Sometimes they do so expressly, sometimes implicitly, sometimes as a matter of vague intuition, not even aware that a dichotomy between explanation and excuse is somewhere at the heart of their unsettledness over how to treat mitigating evidence.
Indeed, by the very nature of its fluxes and refluxes, its unsettledness and irresolution, De Quincey's work invites a non-clinical reading of fear, one that attends to the links between fear and what G.
Including HOME in our constellation makes the rift between assumptions about displaced people in a (largely) fixed global order and the fluid conditions of precariousness and unsettledness more visible.
But however frustrating it may be--to researchers, activists, and the interested public alike--Bt cotton in India is a case filled with uncertainty, unsettledness, and ignorance of what would have been.
Its unsettledness lacks the sharp geometry which Bachelard criticizes in the dialectics of inside and outside as presented by some philosophers.