a.1.That may ot be shifted.
2.Shiftless; helpless.
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Millennium Point, the dismal student flats, the grim Ormiston Academy - all are testament to Birmingham's seemingly unshiftable addiction to mediocrity.
IT'S the end of January: that depressing month where you run out of money immediately and you try desperately to embark on some sort of strict diet or detox to rid yourself of the seemingly unshiftable stone you put on over the past year.
I think this was partly because I went to work for the best part of a week before realising my unshiftable headache was in fact flu (sorry people who interact with me) and partly because I took the tablets with meticulous zeal.
And having previously thought the position of manager Mick McCarthy was pretty much unshiftable, the week's lengthy talks in the wake of his approach from South Korea, and indeed continuing speculation surrounding the Republic of Ireland, the foundations are ever so slightly creaking.
That announcement was quickly followed by a U-turn of police chase proportions and now Sir Alex seems unshiftable.
DAMES said that he wore the frock and rouge with remarkable aplomb when he stepped on the pantomime stage, but his long face,in which gloom settled like an unshiftable fog, was the feature that television viewers will remember most.
They are still locked into their seemingly unshiftable and totally opposing positions by party dogma and religious prejudice.
He has great respect for Looks Like Trouble - "I know him well, he's the up-and-coming horse and the ground's come right for him" - but you get the feeling that his confidence in See More Business is ingrained to the degree of being unshiftable.
With an absolutely unshiftable limit of pounds 120,000 to spend on the new bungalow, 71- year-old Pete is keeping a keen eye on spending as his self- build project heads beyond foundation stage.