v. t.1.To untwist, as something spun.
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And don't forget about special items such as blow-pin stands, which may be used for in-mold finishing of necks, or even unspin pins for internal threads.
Some brokers say they are proactively trying to unspin what they view as negative media coverage in order to calm jittery buyers and sellers.
Reporters and editors, having advanced far into the jungle of Spin, with all its camouflaged traps, had better get on to the yonder grasslands of Spun, where they should know how to unspin but not necessarily counter-spin, on the way to, and not past, Deadline.
We should unspin the ``newspeak'' and call the proposed law ``the witness intimidation law.
7 Proven Ways You Can Differentiate Yourself from the Competition and Unspin their Propaganda" to their offering.
For example, with 55-gal drums, blow pins in both openings can spread the parison and then would have an unspin device if internal threads were molded into the ID of the neck.
Anyone who reads Hoggart's daily sketches will be familiar with the material - witty observations on the ways of politicians, scathing attacks on New Labour's mutilation of the English language and cutting satire that unspins the spin that besets politics.
Byline: Sunday Mail February 15, 2015 6 Gerry Hassan OUR NEW C W COLUMNIST UNSPINS POLITICS
Byline: Sunday Mail February 15, 2015 Gerry Hassan OUR NEW C W COLUMNIST UNSPINS POLITICS