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n.1.Want of surety; uncertainty; insecurity; doubt.
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In the author's opinion it may decrease unsurety and favour knowledge sharing.
By the end you get a lot more cynicism and unsurety about quite what they are doing and the battle kind of loses direction and it gets bogged down, so by November it has become a war of attrition, basically.
Normally it's an unsure, "Yes it's lovely," which I then, of course, seize on; the unsurety that it garners.
But as soon as one celebrates ones resistance to teaching, to being taught, one wraps oneself in the surety of unsurety.
Smith has noted, racial identification became even more important to conservative white hegemony in the post-slavery era, just as "sight became ever less reliable as an authenticator of racial identity" (7), directly contributing to a defining facet of American modernist unsurety.