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(ˈu rʊk)

an ancient Sumerian city near the Euphrates, in what is now S Iraq. Biblical name, Erech.
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Blodau'r teulu yn unug, rhoddion os dymuner tuag at Ymchwil Cancer Cymru drwy law D.
21 on the right edge, following a separation mark, since the signs after UNUG.
xagal = corner (curve of the elbow or knee) xawaare = speed (horse race) gole = parliament (a community's meeting place) abwaan = encyclopedia (an erudite and wise person) unug = cell (the beginning of a fiber container during its fabrication) qalinjebin = to graduate (to break the pen at the end of learning the Koran) dhig = meridian (branches that form the framework of a nomad's dome-shaped hut) raadraac = bibliography (to follow the trail of an animal or wanted person) hakad = comma (pause or rest for a short time) layli = exercise (a young animal that is being tamed) bil = brackets (half moon) bed = area, surface (the space that a house occupies)