prep.1.To; against.
She, poor bird, as all forlorn,
Leaned her breast uptill a thorn.
- Shak.
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Sources informed to this scribe that criminal record of Society Head also given to CPO, but no action taken uptill now.
Tenders are invited for For granting license for 80 Unipoles already installed uptill 31-03-2018.
Only in 2017 uptill November, 40,000 children have died in Yemen as a result of starvation and disease.
After verification it has been revealed that stamp seller uptill Sheikh Kamran Aftab office vernacular is the record room.
He said that the PDMA had already been put on high alert about the pre-monsoon rains in the areas and uptill now four deaths reported to us are one in Dir, two in Malakand and one in Taank.
5 meters depth, however; it would be more deepen uptill 14 meters and will enable docking of larger ships with a deadweight tonnage of up to 70,000.
In Europe first biosimilar was approved in 2006 and uptill now 16 biosimilars have been approved from three categories including human growth factor (G-CSF), erythropoietin and a monoclonal antibody.
The Chief Minister also deplored that federal government did not fulfill its commitment to pay net hydel profit to the provincial government uptill now.
Bruckner presents in Milan for the first time the new ECOLINE machine concept combining in a unique way features which had been separate uptill now.
Arabella Bhutto said the government should evolve an effective policy for creating enabling environment for encouraging problem-solving research at gross-roots level in order to boost research practices uptill the high-ups of the government.
The pace of development remained moderately slow uptill 1980 an average yearly rise in road network was about 5 percent.
Plastic sheets were removed after a week and seedlings were managed uptill transplanting.