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(Astronomy) a hypothetical inhabitant of the planet Uranus
1. (Astronomy) of, occurring on, or relating to the planet Uranus
2. (Astronomy) of the heavens; celestial
3. (Astronomy) relating to astronomy; astronomical
4. (Classical Myth & Legend) (as an epithet of Aphrodite) heavenly; spiritual
5. (Classical Myth & Legend) of or relating to the Muse Urania


(yʊˈreɪ ni ən, -ˈreɪn yən)

pertaining to the planet Uranus.
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Love, on the contrary--Love--the true, the divine Eros--the Uranian as distinguished from the Diona~an Venus--is unquestionably the purest and truest of all poetical themes.
If you are in a happy ongoing relationship, this Uranian energy won't harm that, but could bring a twosome an exciting new personal chapter, maybe a new location, a new home, or it could be that there'll be a business venture for a partner that draws you both into a fresh start.
A better grasp of inner Uranian satellite masses will provide another clue to the composition, dynamical stability, and history of Uranus' tightly packed system of small moons," according to their paper.
Uranian moons are especially hard to spot because their surfaces are covered in dark material.
The various astronomy books I later consulted for definitive Uranian "facts" proved as disparate as Moore and I had been--though they confidently stated that any amateur observation of Uranus was pointless (save for brightness estimates) because of the planet's very small apparent size and the presumed inadequacy of amateur equipment.
Carpenter advantageously engages the term Uranian, a reference to the Greek sky god Uranus, as an ennobled synonym for intermediate inversion.
Water geysers erupt on Saturn's moon Enceladus; the Uranian moon Miranda exhibits towering ice cliffs; and the surface of Triton, Neptune's largest moon, has been resurfaced.
The masses of Uranus and its major satellites from Voyager tracking data and Earth based Uranian satellite data.
However, unlike the other main quartet of large Uranian moons, Miranda's orbit is inclined slightly.
176) Sodomite, or more rarely Uranian or invert, were the terms used in the nineteenth century before the emergence of homosexual as a recognized identity.
Astronomers considered their presence at Uranus unlikely because the gravitational pull of larger neighbouring planets would destabilize and expel any Uranian Trojans over the age of the Solar System.
Miller suggests that the poetic mask, a technique Eliot borrowed from Jules Laforgue, is the same as the Uranian (i.