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A city of southeast Turkey near the Syrian border. Founded as Edessa in ancient times, it was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire in 1637 and renamed Urfa. It is a trade center in a rich agricultural region.


(Placename) a city in SE Turkey: market centre. Pop: 451 000 (2005 est). Ancient name: Edessa



a city in SE Turkey, E of the Euphrates River: on the site of ancient Edessa. 357,400.
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Anti-regime media outlets Sunday said the commander of the Raqqa Rebels Brigade survived an assassination attempt in Urfa, Turkey.
Piazza Urfa was developed on a centrally located infill site along the city's principal east-west highway, providing excellent access and visibility.
Find labneh at Middle Eastern markets, Aleppo pepper in some stores' spice aisles, and Aleppo and Urfa biber at worldspice.
Information supplied by the Courts Service Stephen Smith, 47, of Urfa Terrace, South Shields.
Warncke called this species Andrena urfana, because he collected many of his samples near Urfa.
The new reinforcements have arrived to boost others which arrived a couple of days ago to the borders which include tanks, armory and infantry at the Urfa camp south-east of Turkey, the agency noted.
Both the chicken skewer and urfa (beef) kebab we ordered were succulent and flavourful.
It said Walid Khaled, the editor of the Gaza-based newspaper Filisteen, Nawaf al-Amer, program director for the satellite station Al-Quds, Amin Abu Warda, a reporter for the Palestinian News Network and the Emirati newspaper Al-Khaleej, and Amar Abu Urfa, a reporter for Shehab news agency, are all currently held in administrative detention.
An oil sheen was spotted in the Gulf of Mexico near the company's Mars and Urfa production areas and the UK market opened in the red despite Royal Dutch Shell announcing that it had no indication of problems with its wells.
On October 4, Turkish police launched simultaneous operations in Diyarbakir, Adiyaman, Mardin, Siirt, Urfa, Antep, Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara and detained more than 140 pro-Kurdish political activists.
Five-year-old Urfa was among the students performing the specially choreographed dance with her kindergarten classmates.
The buildings at Gobekli, a hilltop just outside of the Turkish city of Urfa, were found in 1995 by Klaus Schmidt of the German Archaeological Institute and colleagues from the Sanliurfa Museum in Turkey.