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Noun1.Uria - murresUria - murres          
bird genus - a genus of birds
Alcidae, family Alcidae - web-footed diving seabirds of northern seas: auks; puffins; guillemots; murres; etc.
murre - black-and-white diving bird of northern seas
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Intraspecific variation in extra-pair copulation and mate defence in Common Guillemots Uria aalge.
Bell, bell, allora Natan el repia, / Manch foeugh, che a redu i coss proppi a la lettera / Ti te see el Ricch, e el desgraziaa l'e Uria.
Within months, the mission-minded faction of mostly young people at Maple Lawn also withdrew, with assistance from Holmes County leaders Yost Miller and Uria Shetler, to form Berea Christian Fellowship.
The conflict on price is not easy to resolve, said Uria, despite cajas' flexibility on price given they do not have owners or shareholders.
The bank mainly invests URIA funds in its general financing portfolio.
I see Palestinians as the enemy," said 28-year-old Uria Loberbom, a bulky defensive lineman who lives in the Sde Boaz settlement.
In addition to Lyme Disease in Sweden, Swedish researchers also discovered that sea birds in the Arctic region of Norway carry Ixodes uria ticks infected with Lyme Disease, specifically the Borrelia garinii strain.
And he has written to prison bosses and Justice Secretary Jack Straw to ask if he could father a child by Thai girlfriend, Uria, 37, who he dated when caught.
We analyzed avian egg control (QC04-ERM1: common murre, Uria aalge, and thick-billed murre, Uria lomvia; National Institute of Standards and Technology, Charleston, SC, USA), finding concentrations within 60% of the reference values for all POP compounds (Vander Pol et al.
Cobian was awarded the Eric Bergston Award for best orator, entitling her to a paid internship at the Madrid law firm Uria Menendez.
Two men shot Ignacio Uria Mendizabal, whose company works on a railway line that will connect the Basque region and Madrid, on December 3 in the town of Azpeitia in the Basque country.