Uria aalge

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Noun1.Uria aalge - the most frequent variety of murreUria aalge - the most frequent variety of murre  
murre - black-and-white diving bird of northern seas
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Synchrony in egg-laying and reproductive success of neighboring Common Murres, Uria aalge.
Behavioural adaptations to high density nesting in the Common Guillemot Uria aalge.
We analyzed avian egg control (QC04-ERM1: common murre, Uria aalge, and thick-billed murre, Uria lomvia; National Institute of Standards and Technology, Charleston, SC, USA), finding concentrations within 60% of the reference values for all POP compounds (Vander Pol et al.
This species later was reported from another charadriiform, a guillemot, Uria aalge aalge, at the Rotterdam Zoo (Poelma and Strik, 1966).
Radio-monitoring as a method for estimating time budgets of Guillemots Uria aalge.
Increase of organochlorines and mercury levels in common guillemots Uria aalge during winter in the southern North Sea.