Uria lomvia

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Noun1.Uria lomvia - a variety of murreUria lomvia - a variety of murre      
murre - black-and-white diving bird of northern seas
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For example, Thick-billed Murre Uria lomvia populations are increasing in Canada (Gaston et al.
Following the terms of union with Canada in 1949, which technically made the harvest of seabirds by non-Aboriginals illegal under the Migratory Bird Convention Act, provisions were made to allow for Newfoundlanders to hunt guillemots (Brunnich's Uria lomvia and common U.
Banding of Thick-billed Murres Uria lomvia in the Canadian Arctic was initiated by L.
Thick-billed Murres, Uria lomvia, are intermediate alcids of Arctic waters that nest densely on cliff ledges.
Trends in forage fish populations in northern Hudson Bay since 1981, as determined from the diet of nestling Thick-billed Murres Uria lomvia.
Ecological relationships between common murres, Uria aalge, and thick-billed murres, Uria lomvia, at the Gannet Islands, Labrador.
In this paper, we test predictions 1 and 2 of the Ydenberg model for Thick-billed Murres Uria lomvia and Razorbills Alca torda, two of three species of "intermediate" alcids.
Mass-length relationships and energy content of fishes and invertebrates delivered to nestling Thick-billed Murres Uria lomvia in the Canadian Arctic, 1981-2007.
Glaucous Gulls, Larus hyperboreus, are common predators of eggs and chicks of the Thick-billed Murre, Uria lomvia, in the Arctic.
Key words: murre, Uria lomvia, polar bear, parasitism, predation, food-web complexity, unpredictability
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Predation of thick-billed murres, Uria lomvia, at two breeding colonies by polar bears, Ursus maritimus, and walruses, Odobenus rosmarus.