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a.1.(Zool.) Of or pertaining to a uropod.
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The uropodal endopod in the dissected specimen displays variation in article number between left and right uropod.
caldera Bamber & Costa, 2009, by having only three maxilliped basis setae and a biarticulated uropodal exopod that is longer than the first endopod article.
Leptochelia africana (females) can be separated from all of these species by the presence of a biarticulated uropodal exopod.
Variation within a specimen in the uropodal endopod article number (Fig.
Presumable synapomorphies among species of Chorocaris and Rimicaris are the following: the tendency of a rostral reduction, nonacuminate antennal tooth of the carapace, nonmarginally dentate posterolateral margin of pleura of fourth and fifth pleonal somites, the presence of a distolateral transverse suture on the antennal scale, and the nonacuminate uropodal protopod.
Nevertheless, Opaepele can be distinguished from Chorocaris by the acuminate antennal and pterygostomial teeth of the carapace, the denticulate posterolateral margin of the fifth pleonal pleuron, the well differentiated, sharp distolateral tooth of the antennal scale and the sharply pointed posterolateral projection of the uropodal protopod.
Uropodal protopod with posterolateral projection suboval (Fig.