n.1.(Zool.) The sternal, or under piece, of any one of the uromeres of insects and other arthropods.
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Diagnostic characteristics of the genus were the first antennal segment not surpassing apex of head; juga longer than tylus, separated apically; bucculae lobed posteriorly; humeri bearing large dorsal tubercle; peritreme extending more than half the length of the evaporatorium; femora armed with a small spine; and gonocoxites 8 as 1 + 1 small subtriangular sclerites, and obscured under the urosternite 7 (Rolston and McDonald, 1981).
Urosternite Vil with a large dark brown to black spot at middle in both sexes.
Rostrum 3-segmented, well developed, surpassing the third urosternite in repose.
Epistomal suture shallowly concave; postand anteclypeus together 1/3 the length of frons, median carinae of postclypeus prominent, anteclypeus rounded, median carina almost extinct; well developed, 3-segmented rostrum, exceeding the third urosternite.