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 (ûr′sə-lĭn, -līn′, -lēn′, ûr′syə-)
A member of an order of nuns of the Roman Catholic Church, founded in 1535 and devoted to the education of girls.
Of or belonging to the Ursulines.

[After Saint Ursula, legendary British princess and martyr.]


(Roman Catholic Church) a member of an order of nuns devoted to teaching in the Roman Catholic Church: founded in 1537 at Brescia
(Roman Catholic Church) of or relating to this order
[C16: named after St Ursula, patron saint of St Angela Merici, who founded the order]


(ˈɜr sə lɪn, -ˌlaɪn, -ˌlin)

1. a member of an order of nuns founded at Brescia, Italy, about 1537, devoted to teaching.
2. of or pertaining to the Ursulines.
[1685–95; Saint Ursul (a) + -ine1]
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Madame Aubain wished to make an accomplished girl of her daughter; and as Guyot could not teach English or music, she decided to send her to the Ursulines at Honfleur.
Yes; there's the landlord of the Lamb, and Gros-Louis the farmer; they both live in the Rue des Ursulines.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Furthering its mission of providing exceptional educational opportunities in the Catholic and Ursuline tradition, The College of New Rochelle (CNR) announced today that its Board of Trustees has unanimously approved the decision to transition the School of Arts & Sciences to a coeducational model.
French Baroque Music of New Orleans: Spiritual Songs from the Ursuline Convent (1736) = Musique francaise baroque a la Nouvelle-Orleans: Recueil d'airs spirituels des Ursulines (1736).
She was sent to New France as the leader of a group of nuns to establish the Ursuline Order in New France.
Asked to name the best private college in the country, few people would point to Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio.
Sister Act got a makeover in Italy in March when Ursuline Sister of the Holy Family Cristina Scuccia rocked the house on the singing competition The Voice of Italy.
The video of the member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family's performance has gone viral.
Mr Argent, known as Jeff, was a caretaker at Ursuline Primary School, in Crosby.
More importantly, as revealed through a fantastic analysis of surviving Ursuline records, the architecture of the Ursuline convent, and Ursuline dress, Marie Turpin's engagement with material culture set her off as separate from her fellow Ursulines.
Deegan graduated from The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, NY before attending Trinity College in Washington, D.
She is a former student of the Ursuline Academy in Dallas, which she now supports with grants from her foundation.