Ursus americanus

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Noun1.Ursus americanus - brown to black North American bearUrsus americanus - brown to black North American bear; smaller and less ferocious than the brown bear
bear - massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws
Euarctos, genus Euarctos - American black bears; in some classifications not a separate genus from Ursus
cinnamon bear - reddish-brown color phase of the American black bear
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The American black bear, Ursus americanus, is by far the most widespread bear in the Western Hemisphere and probably the most numerous bear species in the world.
Bear species Turtle species Location Helarctos malayanus Manouria emys Malaysian Borneo Ursus americanus Caretta caretta USA Ursus americanus Chelyclra serpentina USA Ursus americanus Actinemys mar moral a USA Ursus americanus Pseudemys floridana USA (= P.
From a total of 73 species registered in this review for the Americas, the most studied species were the coyote (84 articles), the puma (55), the black bear Ursus americanus (51), the jaguar Panthera onca (41) and the wolf (38).
From my vantage point I was immediately able to determine that it was not the buck we had seen earlier, but an averagesize Ursus Americanus traveling with great haste on a direct collision course with my friend.
There have been many news stories during the past several weeks about black bears - known in the scientific world as Ursus Americanus - being seen in yards, parking lots and the side of the road, with much of the attention focused on a male bear that is believed to have taken a swim across Cape Cod Bay before being spotted in West Barnstable.
None of these are an issue for the mountain waterfowler, that is, until Ursus americanus drops by.
Distribucion potencial de Ursus americanus oso negro americano.
Their study is the first to continuously measure the metabolic rates and body temperatures of black bears, or Ursus americanus, as they hibernated through the winter under natural conditions.
Once again, Ursus americanus was intruding while I pursued other game.