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Now, there are ways of stopping this kind of fraud - our URU system, for example, is the first of its kind in the UK and in ten years' time we expect it to be used to carry out at least 90 per cent of all ID checks in this country.
What we are afraid of is that with the constant migration to Chile, the Chipayas will lose a sense of who they are, their identity and traditions,'' said Gilberto Pauwels, a Belgian anthropologist who is an expert on the Uru culture.
We then return to the Titicaca Basin with Karen Wise cogently presenting Late Intermediate Period houses of possibly two ethnicities at Lukurmata, with both Uru and Aymara peoples building houses there.
We needed a biometric authentication system that ensures conclusive user ID while protecting user privacy," said Michael Conforti, President of URU Technologies, Inc.
As the teams were psyching themselves up to run out onto the pitch for the final 40 minutes, the superimposed score on the turf reported: URU 19 Tonga 7.
Myst Online: Uru Live' is the most ambitious Myst experience we've ever created," says Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds and co-creator of Myst.
The highly-anticipated offerings include the premiere of "Sam & Max Episode 2 - Situation Comedy," the worldwide exclusive launch of Sierra Online's "3D Ultra(TM) Minigolf Adventures," and a first look at the final phase of the "Myst Online: Uru Live" beta, which allows subscribers to experience the game's all-new living storyline.
This means that they have proved ideal as the latest platform for GB Group's market leading, web-based URU (You areYou) authentication solution, which was developed with BT.
Through this new initiative, GameTap will continue what it started with the introduction of "Sam & Max" and "Myst Online: Uru Live" and partner with more independent developers and publishers to bring innovative new video game titles to fans.
The service, called URU (tm)(you are you), checks details provided by individuals against data sets such as registers of deceased people, post code and telephone number information and other credit relatedinformation.
But in a revealing But in a revealing interview, the Uru ru ru ru rugu gu gu gu guayan interview, the Uruguayan said: "It is not as if fans of the other teams are going to start singing in support of an opposition player, or try to help them in any way, is it?
Then call 09 space, yo at noon fro f m UK Uru rul ru r e 08 0 70 487 4870, national diall 08 Then call 0904 026 0156 (61p per minute) and follow instructions OR text DRCOMP03 followed by a space, your answer, name, house number and postcode to 84080 (pounds 1.