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(ˌʊər əˈbɑm bə)

a river rising in SE Peru, flowing NW through the Andes Mountains to join the Apurímac River and form the Ucayali River. 450 mi. (725 km) long.
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Nestled between the city of Cusco and the ruins of Machu Picchu, the Urubamba Valley connects a modern city with ancient Incan culture.
De su estancia en el Cuzco Nicolas Tadeo destaca su visita al valle del Urubamba donde tuvo ocasion de comparar la distinta manera en que se producia el azucar en la costa y la sierra.
Por ejemplo, Arrieta (2010) ha tratado de entender las representaciones sociales del agua en los matsiguengas del Bajo Urubamba, resaltando la importancia del sistema fluvial para dichos pueblos en sus practicas cotidianas y sobrevivencia (p.
As the sun set behind snow-capped mountains, we drove past grazing alpacas and fields of potatoes on our way to Urubamba in the Sacred Valley.
With a golden sun setting behind majestic snow-capped mountains, we drove past grazing alpacas and fields of an unusual source of Peruvian pride - potatoes, of which the country boasts 4,000 varieties - on our way to Urubamba in the Sacred Valley.
Air bridge activity has now been noted in the Rio Alto Picha and Rio Urubamba areas, likely due to the disruption of established routes, and trafficking organizations are moving large amounts of cocaine base and cocaine hydrochloride overland to clandestine airfields east of the Andes.
Last year, Inkaterra opened the Hacienda Urubamba and in August Explora will launch new property Valle Sagrado on the site of an ancient corn plantation.
Desde este punto, el rio Vilcanota atraviesa la cordillera Oriental en direccion noroeste antes de convertirse en el rio Urubamba a 207 km rio abajo y 30 km noroeste de Cusco.
Grubb's revelation came as he listened to ROW sales and marketing director Brad Moss tell a story about his recent trip in Peru, where he rafted down the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley (read the full revelation letter here: http://www.
It was a wonderful, adventure-packed trip; we went rafting on the Urubamba River, drank frog smoothies at an outdoor market, and visited a Peruvian family who served us guinea pig for lunch.