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 (ŭsh′ər), James 1581-1656.
Irish prelate and scholar who devised a scheme of biblical chronology that placed the Creation in the year 4004 bc.


(ˈʌʃə) or


(Biography) James. 1581–1656, Irish prelate and scholar. His system of biblical chronology, which dated the creation at 4004 bc, was for long accepted


(ˈʌʃ ər)

James, 1581–1656, Irish prelate and scholar.
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Noun1.Ussher - Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year 4004 BC (1581-1656)
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The archives include documents relating to Second Lieutenant Charles Ussher Kilner, from the Suffolk Regiment, who was killed in October 1916 during the Allied campaign in northern Greece and is buried in Struma Military Cemetery in Greece.
The records include those of 2nd Lt Charles Ussher Kilner, killed in the campaign in northern Greece in 1916.
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Robertson criticized James Ussher, an archbishop in the Church of Ireland who in the 17th century studied the Bible and famously concluded that the world had been created on Oct.
The essays in this collection by Chuka Umunna, Matthew Pennycock and Kitty Ussher all address one or more of those needs in ways that suggest the next Labour Government might yet be well-equipped to put its power to immediate progressive use.
According to Jane Ussher from the University of Western Sydney, who has carefully honed her argument after years of inciting female colleagues to anger by "denying their experience", couples therapy is a potential treatment for severe cases of premenstrual moodiness.
USSHER James Arnold 7th February 1932 -3rd July 2012.
Deputy Chief Executive of Metro, Dr Greg Ussher, stated: 'The findings are perhaps not so surprising when we consider the questioning of equality in current debates about equal marriage, which must be bewildering for most young people.
Making dead men speak': Manipulating the memory of James Ussher," Alan Ford's contribution to the collection, looks at the work of Archbishop James Ussher and how high-church Anglicans, moderate Anglicans and hard-line Presbyterians all used Ussher's writings to defend and define their preferred ecclesiastical settlement.
In an evocative book Guy St John Williams pays tribute to the strength of an Irish connection that goes back exactly 100 years when Harry Ussher had a training and riding double at the 1912 fixture, the second year the meeting was staged at what was to become its permanent home.
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