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1. An ancient city of northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea northwest of Carthage. According to tradition, it was founded c. 1100 bc by Phoenicians from Tyre. The city declined in the first century bc and was finally destroyed by the Arabs c. ad 700.
2. A city of central New York east-northeast of Syracuse. Settled in 1773 on the site of Fort Schuyler (established in 1758), it developed as an industrial center after the Erie Canal opened in 1825.


(Placename) an ancient city on the N coast of Africa, northwest of Carthage


(ˈyu tɪ kə)

1. an ancient city on the N coast of Africa, NW of Carthage.
2. a city in central New York, on the Mohawk River. 66,180.
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Noun1.Utica - a city in central New YorkUtica - a city in central New York    
Empire State, New York State, NY, New York - a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
2.Utica - an ancient city on the north coast of Africa (northwest of Carthage)Utica - an ancient city on the north coast of Africa (northwest of Carthage); destroyed by Arabs around 700 AD
Phenicia, Phoenicia - an ancient maritime country (a collection of city states) at eastern end of the Mediterranean
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He asked Pandora if Utica were the seat of her family, if it were an important or typical place, if it would be an interesting city for him, as a stranger, to see.
They won't find in Utica the same charm; that was my idea.
Well no, I guess I can't have you call Utica inferior.
You can't have a social position at Utica any more than you can have an opera-box.
It seemed improbable however that the meeting would occur anywhere but just here on the dock; inasmuch as Pandora was decidedly not in society, where Vogelstein would be of course, and as, if Utica--he had her sharp little sister's word for it--was worse than what was about him there, he'd be hanged if he'd go to Utica.
Gillibrand today launched a full-court push to secure a critical federal investment for Utica College to build a new, state-of-the-art training center for its growing construction management major.
UTICA Officials say no one was injured in a fire at a resort near Starved Rock State Park in northern Illinois.
The UTICA Prize for Social Innovation, launched by the UTICA Foundation, aims to support and promote original experiences, initiatives or innovative actions able to bring real added value both in terms of professional practice and in that of the results obtained from users, according to an UTICA press release.
Le Prix UTICA de l'Innovation Sociale a pour finalite de soutenir et valoriser des experiences originales, initiatives, ou actions, innovantes en mesure d'apporter une plus-value reelle, tant au niveau de la pratique professionnelle que des resultats obtenus aupres des usagers.
The portfolio, consisting of 907 Nostrand Avenue, 739 Church Avenue, 10801082 Utica Avenue and 196 Utica Avenue, was exclusively represented by Greg Corbin, Miguel Jauregui and Saadya Notik of The Corbin Group, who also procured the purchaser.
The EC-Council said it has designated Utica College as an Academic Center of Excellence.
s (NYSE: WPZ) Utica Gas Services subsidiary has completed the acquisition of approximately 13% of additional equity interest in Utica East Ohio Midstream LLC from a subsidiary of EV Energy Partners, L.