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1. Veterans Administration
2. vicar apostolic
3. also Va. Virginia
4. volt-ampere


 (vər-jĭn′yə) Abbr. VA or Va.
A state of the eastern United States on Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. One of the original Thirteen Colonies, it was the site of unsuccessful early colonizing attempts (1584-1587) by Sir Walter Raleigh, but in 1607 colonists dispatched by the London Company established the first permanent settlement at Jamestown (May 13). Virginia was a prime force in the move for independence and was the site of Lord Cornwallis's surrender in 1781. Virginia ratified the United States Constitution in 1788. It was the scene of many major battles during the Civil War, including the final campaigns that led to the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Richmond is the capital.

Vir·gin′ian adj. & n.


abbreviation for
(Placename) Virginia
References in classic literature ?
Your manicure will lisp softly that your left forefinger reminds her so much of a gentleman's in Richmond, Va.
What's the use of bragging about being from the North, or the South, or the old manor house in the dale, or Euclid avenue, Cleveland, or Pike's Peak, or Fairfax County, Va.
But fate decreed that a few glimmers of sunshine were to illumine his life, for the little fellow was adopted by John Allan, a wealthy merchant of Richmond, Va.
On the basis of its survey results, GAO also found that in addition to their current recruiting challenges, VA medical facilities would likely face a challenge retaining VA CRNAs in the next 5 years due to the number of VA CRNAs projected to either retire from or leave VA.
We met the following day in the AU office to discuss their imminent meetings with congressional staff and with the Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs at the VA.