Vaccaria hispanica

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Noun1.Vaccaria hispanica - European annual with pale rose-colored flowersVaccaria hispanica - European annual with pale rose-colored flowers; cultivated flower or self-sown grainfield weed; introduced in North America; sometimes classified as a soapwort
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Vaccaria, Vaccaria - cow-cockles
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Silene arabica and Vaccaria hispanica of the family Caryophyllaceae are reported for the first time from the United Arab Emirates.
The two previously-unrecorded species from the family Caryophyllaceae, Silene arabica and Vaccaria hispanica, were documented by the authors during various surveys, with data on the plant populations and habitats based on field observations in the field.
Vaccaria hispanica (Miller) Rauschert, Feddes Repert.