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Of, relating to, or being water that is located in the zone of aeration in the earth's crust above the groundwater level.

[Latin vadōsus, shallow, from vadum, a shallow, ford.]


(Physical Geography) of, relating to, designating, or derived from water occurring above the water table: vadose water; vadose deposits.
[C19: from Latin vadōsus full of shallows, from vadum a ford]


(ˈveɪ doʊs)

found or located above the water table: vadose water; vadose zone.
[1895–1900; < Latin vadōsus shallow]
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Arid soils in the vadose zone in this region require from tens to hundreds of years to achieve hydraulic steady state when fluxes are [10.
Gravity drives dissolutional patterns in the unsaturated, vadose zone, while hydraulic potential dominates in the saturated, phreatic zone.
Tension infiltrometer for the measurement of vadose zone hydraulic properties.
He was one of the first to identify vadose zone and groundwater flow rates through riparian buffers.
the project is the installation of three vadose zone monitoring wells, one groundwater monitoring well, and abandonment of one groundwater monitoring well.
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Electrical disturbances from seismic sources are modeled and predicted, and the book concludes with discussion of the seismoelectric beamforming approach as well as a case study applying seismoelectric analysis to the vadose zone.
The SAGBI also does not consider characteristics of the vadose zone (the unconsolidated material below soil and above the groundwater table) or depth to groundwater.
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